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on 04/11/2014 at 23:46
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Well done on a brilliant website.

I stumbled across the site when researching the Queen of the Islands for a build of a 1/250 scale card model that I am building.

Did you know you can download a free card model of her from the following website?
on 17/11/2013 at 23:39
Score : -/10

1987 Journal Entry for my then husband Ed Hartley and myself.In Cardwell we had booked and paid for a week long, Maiden Voyage Cruise Of the MV Noel Buxton from Cairns to Thursday Island. When we arrived in Cairns we looked for the address of the Steamship Company to find it was vacant. Nerves were settled when we found the office at a different address and we checked in.

A ‘Paddle Wheel’ boat ride around the Harbour and we get our first glimpse of the MV Noel Buxton. A better look, once we are back on shore, is a little disconcerting. Welders are frantically welding the rail around the Fan Tail shaped stern. Painters, delivery vans, buzzed around like bees, Ed, suffering a panic attack. We met the crew and fellow passengers and the anxious new owner. Eighteen passengers, and six crew have drinks in the salon. At 8P.M. It is dark and we leave, on time.
Soon it is raining heavily and the seas become rough and the passengers head for their cabins. Choosing the lee side washrooms to avoid ‘backwash’ of the direct flush toilets.
March 10
Sleep eluded us and several people did not show up for breakfast. “Col” busily dispensed seasick tablets and tea as we head for Lizard Island.
The weather gradually clears but the sea is still choppy when we reach the Research Station Island, and are transferred by dingy. We are in the first boatload and while we wait we walk along the shore spotting
on 03/05/2013 at 19:26
Score : -/10

Amaceing this site is still running - must be genuin feelings for the ship.
We - my wife and daughter(6) did the first season sailing in may 1991 to Thursday Island on the Queen. We jumped on our around the world journey in 8 mnds. It was a unique wonderful cruise with a remarkeble crew who took personal interest of our welbeeng. We where only 25 passengers on board - we the 3 Norwegians and 2 from Netherland - the rest aussies. The crew almost outnumberd us - what a threat. One day I found my doughter streering the ship on the bridge sided by the captain. Yhe ships history says she is bulid and saild initially in England. My mysteri is - why did we find signs and markings of sequirity in norwegian languish text on board? I did a lot of video and took a lot of pictures of sites , ship ,crew and passenders - if that is of interest.
Sad to realise the Queen is dead.
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