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on 18/07/2007 at 21:39
Score : 10/10

I was clearing out my mum's loft and came across a book that my Grandad used to make a cardboard model of "The Queen". So I found Myself googleing "The Queen".
My Dad was crew on her from Penzance to Scilly, which is how he met my mother, during her trips from her home on the islands to the mainland.
This website is a fantastic history. It's a sad end(?) (I share your optimism)! of a vessel much loved here in Penzance.
Well done and thank you!

Webmaster's reply : Nick, thanks for a great message, just what I hoped to achieve from the site! Any chance of getting some scans from the book you mention? Thanks!
on 16/06/2007 at 22:41
Jacob Blondahl (Winnipeg Mb, Canada)
Score : -/10

Hi there I was surfing for background on this ship to post with my photos on and found your site. very good job, hats off to you. Feel free to use my photos of her if you like. I just scanned them from somewhat faded color slides. view: and
on 06/03/2007 at 02:19
John (Coffs Harbour, Australia)
Score : 8/10

What was the outcome of some court case involving the boat's co- owners approaching an undercover detective with a serious request?
Was it fair dinkum or just a trumped up accusation? Or just newspaper sensationalism? The boat seemed to stop running the year afterwards. Where is she today?
Messages : 81 to 90
Page : 9
Number of messages : 91