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on 05/03/2008 at 03:02
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The first time I ever travelled anywhere, I sailed on the Olovaha from Lifuka, Ha'apai, an island about 100miles from the Tongan capital of Nuku'alofa. My village people wanted to present gifts and perform traditional dances at the Tongan King's daughter's wedding in June 1976. I was so excited about getting on the Olovaha, because I'd only ever watched it from the beach as it sailed past my village on its way to the wharf at Pangai (the main town of Lifuka). I don't remember much about the actual trip, but I always treasure the memories of my first trip on the legendary ferry.
on 01/03/2008 at 15:19
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Olovaha has been the most famous and useful in the modern history of Tonga. I was young but I remember so many times I stand at the wharf waving to relatives leaving Tongatapu to outer islands of Haapai and Vavau. My dad was working as an accountant for the government owned shipping company that runs the Olovaha. It is beautiful ship with lots of great memories. I especially remember when so many people, almost overcrowded on the decks as they wave. I will talk to my dad to get more information about Olovaha. I never ride on it but it was always a topic at home.
on 03/02/2008 at 23:37
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Hi, We worked on the ship from 1989 onwards, as chefs. Had a ball every week from Cairns to T.I.. We have memorbillia from ship dated 1992. Captain at time was Kevin Piper....1st Mate David Nesbit....2nd Mate Mark Gunn. Many good times had in bar with Chief Engineer John Hillier....2nd Engineer Johnathon Smith....3rd Frank McShane....Boson Niel Hunter....Deckhand 1 Mark Horau....2nd Deckhand Aurthur Pease....Pursers Cheryl Mason and Derek Kean....Chefs Rob Oldenborg [ME] and Lloyd Felsman [HIM]....Barstaff Grant Caps and Claire Muttley....Hostess Jamie Winspeark....Waitress Georgins Denney....Rachel Cohn....Marine Biologist Stuart Ireland.
THIS WAS THE CREW IN '92.... Sad to see what has happened to "THE QUEEN'. Do you know the song ? Be great to see a reunion happen.
Cheers Rob and Lloyd [Chefs]
on 20/12/2007 at 17:50
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Thanks for this website which I will visit again and again, I was dragged up! on the isles of scilly and as a teenager we would meet the scillonian and Queen of the isles when they arrived to see if there was any ''clacker'' on board.
It makes me very sad to see the demise of her even tho she always made me very green round the gill's when I sailed on her..
on 09/12/2007 at 15:42
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My First Day in command of the R M S “Queen of the Isles” and the problem of Cold Iron

By the end of 1969 I had spent 5 years with the Trinity House Steam Vessel Service and for most of the time I had been stationed at Penzance serving as Junior and then Senior 2nd Officer in the T. H. V “Stella“. It had been one the happiest times of my life involved in visiting lighthouses such as Godrevy, Longships Bishop Rock, Round Island, Eddystone and Wolf Rock to change the keepers and landing stores of fuel food and equipment. We also visited all the bays around Devon and Cornwall surveying wrecks marking shoals as well as supporting the crews on lightships such as the Seven Stones. Indeed I had also been involved in the wreck of the tanker Torrey Canyon and landed most of the survivors at Penzance.

Now as Christmas approached change was in the air, my promotion was due in the New Year to Chief Officer which would have probably been to a vessel based at Harwich in Essex . So I decided to start looking around for a new job as I did not want to leave my beloved Cornwall. I already held a Foreign Going Master’s certificate and I became aware that the smaller of the two ferries serving the Isles of Scilly from Penzance required a Captain. As the vessel was in Holmans dry dock at Penzance at the time I visited the Isles of Scilly Steamship Office and after an interview with Mr Henry Thomas the man....

Webmaster's reply : Excellent story, see Queen of the Isles 1 for the rest....
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